Here you can download all the important documents you need to submit your entry to the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD).

Declaration of consent for minors

If you are not yet of age, be sure to have our declaration of consent signed by your parents or legal guardian and upload it along with your song “upload file”. Please remember that you must also sign the declaration yourself. The same applies to minors who would like to participate.

If you have forgotten to add the declaration of consent to your entry, you can send it to us later by email to songcontest(at) or by post to the following address:

Song Contest „Dein Song für EINE WELT!“
Engagement Global gGmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40
53113 Bonn

Here you can download the declaration of consent for minors.

Excel table for larger groups (more than 9 participants)

You can add up to nine participants directly in the registration tool. If you are in a group with more than nine musicians, you must fill in the following table with the names and dates of birth of all participants. You can upload the table in the registration tool under "Information on other participants".

Note: Only the participants that you entered upon registration and/or that are listed on the table are officially registered for the song contest as members of the group. No additional participants can be subsequently registered and prizes are non-transferable.

Here you can download the Excel table for more than nine participants.

DAC list for international participants

The participation in the Song Contest is also open for people from countries of the Global South as well as for students from official German Schools Abroad (Deutsche Auslandsschule).

You find the current DAC list with all countries from which songs can be submitted here.